Julian Arnold aka "Arni", Jesus follower, more than 7 years of experience, user-centred design advocate, IT background.



My projects range from consulting, minor design improvements to an extensive redesign. As an individual, I thrive on being involved in the entire process of creating an app, platform or something completely new to interact with your users and solve their problems.

Through my modular approach, I aim to make my contribution smart and straightforward. Reflection and communication create optimised processes and good collaboration. My above-mentioned IT background enables me to look at a user experience through different glasses. In this way, I produce exciting and easy-to-use results and technically feasible approaches to solutions.

My passion is to help people, companies and brands with their user interactions and digital products. I like to work with people that tick the same way, which is the best way for me to bring my skills and experience into play.

I contribute my skills and experiences to exciting projects within interdisciplinary teams working in different industries for engaging people and companies.

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