I help companies transform complex technical processes, systems and data into user-friendly software.

What I do

Mobile & Enterprise App Projects (1 to 3+ Month/s*)

From start to finish, from small Apps to extensive ERP, CRM or BI enterprise solutions. I design responsive interfaces with your user and business requirements in mind.

From wireframes to perfect pixels, I design and validate ideas through concepts, prototypes, design and testing. If you wish to, I support the implementation until you are good to go or go live!

Consulting (Day Based*)

From uncertain to focused. I deliver experience, knowledge and methods to find the best solution for your requirements and situation.

*Rates and availability on request


09/20 – 03/21

I started to design the future of mobile gaming for the all-new EQS.

UX/UI Designer

Workshops, Wireframes, User Flows

03/20 – 12/20


I helped style and create a better UX for the all-new Daimler Webmail. We integrated a new solution for encrypted communication between Daimler and its business partners.

UX/UI Designer, Front-End Dev.

UX/UI Style & Guidance, Parts of Website for UX enhancement

08/19 – 03/20

I developed and designed data-driven autonomous mobility (SAE Level 4 + 5) through the joint development of software and algorithms for an autonomous future.

UX/UI Designer, Front-End Dev.

UI Guide, Wireframes, User Flows

10/19 – 03/20

I helped to create a platform from developers for developers in the cloud. You can access vehicle data, a wide range of roles and use cases for fleets, development and testing of new features and functionalities for the connected Mercedes-Benz of tomorrow.

UX/UI Designer

Workshops, Screens, User Flows

01/19 – 03/19


I designed parts of the service platform supporting the sales process in China. A digital assistant that generates additional value in the whole process and can adapt flexibly and quickly to the changing requirements in sales worldwide.

UX/UI Designer

Chinese Screens

06/18 – 07/19

I created the concept and the final UI of the remote control app for the latest S-Class.
The Remote Parking Pilot makes it easier to move into and out of tight parking spaces
or the garage.

UX/UI Designer

Wireframes, User Flows

09/16 – 12/18

I helped create the second generation of the Mercedes-Benz connect app. Connect your Mercedes-Benz with your smartphone and digital functions and services that make your everyday life easier.

UX/UI Designer

User Flows, Screens, UI Library (Sketch)


You got something upcoming, and I could help?

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Julian Arnold
Digital Product Designer (UX/UI)
+49 173 233 6020

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